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At Kiwi Quinoa we are proud to call ourselves the only producers of quinoa in the country.
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About Us


Take a farmer with an itch to do something new and an agronomist with a passion for health food and what do you get? The first quinoa grown in New Zealand.


Dan and Jacqui had the idea to grow quinoa in the Rangitikei after travelling through South America and noting the quinoa-growing regions of Peru bore quite a resemblance to home.


The idea germinated on the farm where Dan and Jacqui faced the question – would the Andean grain grow here? After years of trials and many lessons learned they had their answer – quinoa can indeed thrive here in New Zealand.


Dan and Jacqui harvested their first crop – the first commercially ready quinoa crop harvested in NZ – in February 2016. With the success of that first crop, bigger crops have followed and now Kiwi Quinoa can be found on Kiwi dining tables nation-wide.